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50 years
chronicle of 50 years

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In 1957 some enthusiastic amateur wind instrument musicians and former musicians from the army formed the Sopron windband, which was called the Windband of the Town Council. For conductor Adolf Szikai, former military conductor was chosen. The new band got together very quickly, their first official performance took place on Women’s day celebration on 8th March 1959.

The first excursion of the band led to Kőszeg in 1959, the first trip abroad was to Somfalva (Schattendorf, Austria). In 1960 the first uniform of the band was dark-blue. This was followed by the grey uniform in 1965 and in 1978 the nice wine-red jacket with grey trousers. The wind instrument musicians wore steel-blue uniforms from 1985 and then green jackets and black trousers since 1993.

Adolf Sziklai gave over the leadership to Ferenc Monostori in 1964. The musicians couldn’t thank for his 10 years long enthusiastic work because of his sudden death. So Károly Grósz took over the conductor stick in 1974 and then a little bit later Ernő Baranyai. János Fohner came to Sopron as a young graduated music teacher in 1975. At first he led the pioneer band, which had been working for 13 years and after that he took over the senior windband of the city until 2002.

He was followed by Mátyás Prinner, who gave over his conductor stick to Vilmos Horváth in 2004.

We have operated as a foundation since 1992. Our goal is to satisfy the needs of our audience in Sopron and its surrounding and to spread the wind music in our country and abroad.

The staff of the band has changed many times in the last four decades. There are only two members from the once who founded the band. The regular weekly training and a lot of performances made the band to a tide society, cheerful “brassband”, where more generations, adults, boys and girls give their spare time for the sake of music.

The time proved that the society of Sopron wind instrument musicians has not only a past but a future too. Taking care of it will certainly be the task of those young people who are making their first steps in the world of music now.

Our achievements:

The band gave more qualifying concerts during the decades and in 1988 got the reward “Higher Gold-Lute Diploma”.

In 2000 international qualification of concert in Nürnberg, top category: “good result”.

In 2000 the qualification of marching in Roncone (North-Italy): 2nd place.

Our windband was the only one among 200 bands which went through two following competitions in June 2005 in München on the 10th international concert of windbands. In the top grade category we reached 83 points, with very good result. We took the 11th place in the category of competition of orchestras with 67,4 points, our conductor was Vilmos Horváth.
This is the best result, which a windband from Sopron has ever reached.

50 years
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